At this specific point there should not be any communication with the southbridge, but you never know, it could be the culprit too. With meter on resistance scale red probe on the orange wire 3. The mosfet near the ram slot has 3. If this version is different from the one you are running, download the recommended version and do a clean install so that your current driver version is replaced. Find More Posts by piernov. The reason is to be able to use the clock modulation option to slow down to effective performance for speed sensitive games. ProfJim asked me for my PC specs, they are as follows:

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I have notice something in this following procedure: Results 1 sisplay 10 of It doesn’t really make sense for the BIOS to hang on code 20 here. I put a debug card on pci slot and the following hex code appears 13 While my E went only to 3,3GHz: I have reflash bios with williem programmer. I have tried to search on here for compatible APG list but unable to see such. With vga cable on port or off the post code is always the same.

So with lowered multiplier and decreased duty cycle, and lower base clock, you can get effective speeds down into the double digit MHz for speed sensitive games. Mitglieder in diesem Forum: Are you able to drop the multiplier below 6 on the k?


This board is worth the effort due to extremely flexible clocking features and modern interconnects. I can’t recommend which video card model might be best. 775i65

I never knew boards like this existed back when they were new, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have cared since PCIe displat faster. Please report ddisplay spam threads, posts and suspicious members. I have reset the bios, that was one of the first things i do. They can do up to 75Amps if cooled enough. I’m moving soon and have started putting lots of stuff into storage, so consolidation is desirable.

It also supports duty cycling the clock all the way down to Also, I thought my Nivdia GeForce mb would have been a good one but Windows 7, says otherwise There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

Or is it that I have not optimised it correctly? Both of these chips work perfectly, so I know the boards are good. How is win7 complaining? I went to asrock support site and download the dos version file and then reflash this file to the bios chipset. Board index All times are Risplay. We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action!


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BTW 2 more things 1 my motherboard is revision 2. Find More Posts by ChaosLegionnaire. The debug card can tell me if the reset sinal is ok and i think that is ok because on the turn on the led lights one millisecond and then stays off meaning 77565g IC super io resets south bridge and displaj bridge resets north bridge for the board to turn on all the devices.

Thanks in advance for any input.

They can do 2. Do you have a PCI graphics card?

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Piernov i have heat the north-bridge and south max air max temp for 30 seconds in the back of the board wait a few minutes then turn on the board and the same error code 13 and then 20 i have a 4 digit debug card that gives me the previous stop displag and the next stop code 77565g stops on the 20 strange thing.

Does win7’s device manager show any errors for your video card? The other thought is maybe my RAM is wrong for the E