When you pull the wires so far apart that no spark is able to jump, you are running the transformer open loop and the potential can get very high as only a corona sky is forming. March 16, at November 1, at Tue Mar 27 , Some times you have to start all over from scratch and rebuild your circuit with all new components, you could be fooled by a defective gate resistor or a small signal diode that has gone high resistance etc.

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Can you audio modulate a ZVS flyback driver? / High Voltage / Forums –

This one to be exact: Could anybody recomend a flyback manufacturer or even better a model number of one that works well for this project. Tue Nov 23 June 27, at It was so fun to build and aurio around with that I actually used a very similar circuit as my senior project this year for highschool!

I was convinced that I had it mentioned in the start of the article that this is a very simple circuit that has some trade offs in reliability to gain simplicity. Joined Sep 12, Messages 9, Likes 1, Points DONT try to use my design i messed up on it.


555 Audio modulated flyback

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I am confused to find the reference.

Since the power supply shorted, I cannot get the circuit to work, but I have power going to the components. If you follewed the schematics to the point it should work, remember crossing wires in the schematic are only connected if there is a dot. June 4, at What is your input voltage? Thomas W Tue Nov 23 Remember me [ Sign up ] [ Forgot password?

That took a lot of trial and error, plastic cutting and hot glue Glad to see you got it working well after all. Ok I appreciate the quick answer.

Also when I get now discharge there is a high pitch coming from the flyback but no discharge. I wanted to do a audio modulated flyback arc with few components and a small form factor.

Plasma speaker

You can but it’s quiet and very inefficient. In my oppponion its better to have a shorter silent arc than a long buzzing one. October 15, at Im getting a 5mm spark but no sound, it keeps sparking even when audio source is disconnected.

I think the 12V 2A supply is just about minimum at maximum duty cycle, I could make pull down the supply modulatrd certain points. It was very distorted and weak, dial the volume up! This is a future improvement and is not a part of this little project, but it is recommended to add this if you want reliability.


The volume isn’t startling, but it is clear and crisp. Okay I think that the 10k and 9k are potentiometers. If you use the mosfet driver, the output duty cycle is inverted. Again My moeulated parents kicked my circuit while it was on the breadboard and its stopped working….

Audio modulated flyback | Kaizer Power Electronics

February 16, at If you use the flyback transformer to power a small SGTC, then the audio modulation will not get through and if it does, it will only be very short burst and nowhere near audio modulation quality. Oh ok, the reason I ask is becuase I have recently started flybadk around with this circuit and after managing to get some pretty decent arcs though I would set it up for Halloween but the MOSFET flybafk just getting too hot and dies easily for a reliable center piece.

Use a pure pwm configutarion, why?