I can work comfortably in the library with the fan on max without being a disturbance. Similar to the D and D, the D employs a dark-charcoal grey color scheme with silver accents and lid. However compared to a Lenovo N keyboard the Lenovo keyboard is still superior. Fortunately, however, the fan is generally whisper quiet and rarely noticeable. The bulk of the ports are situated in the rear of the unit, which is convenient when having many devices hooked up when using the system on a desk. An interesting difference between the X1 and D lie in the placement of the power, hard drive and battery indicators.

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Admittedly, the ultra-low voltage Intel Core Solo U is clocked considerably slower at 1.

Dell Latitude D420 with Core Duo and Windows Vista Review

The 9-cell battery also exists as an option if even longer times are deemed necessary. Power adapter for D In terms of battery life with the 6-cell, in my limited skund I have averaged a bit over three hours with Wi-Fi on and maximum screen brightness while composing documents, surfing the web, and listening to music.

UPS did not lose it the second time around. Super Pi screenshot notice CPU speed was set to the max of 1. Furthermore, the heat caused a number of malfunctions on the notebook. While some may still prefer a standard-aspect display, widescreen offers better sounc uses as well as reduced physical dimensions.


The 90w charger should offer faster charging time though the 65w that came with my D worked quite well. Sign up using Email and Password. There is no flex and the key travel is great.

As with David, the back right side tended to get much warmer than the rest of the laptop. When the notebook s420 doing intensive work, the right side of the notebook gets much hotter than the left.

Dell Latitude D with Core Duo and Windows Vista Review

Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: There are some benefits however. D, X1, R stacked view large image. Expansion Slot, Battery hard drive accessible underneathMemory Upgrade Slot under panel view large image. ULV processors drain less power and produce less heat, simultaneously reducing the need for bulkier cooling solutions and improving both weight and longevity.

The Dell Latitude D is a dd420 notebook for those who want an ultraportable design without sacrificing computing power.

When upgrading from Email Required, but never shown. Nevertheless, a headphone jack is provided, and when hooked up to either headphones or r420, the sound reproduction was better than expected, with little-to-no hissing and rich sound that was far superior to that provided by my DV when playing back music. The Dell Latitude D is a I obtained a copy of Windows Vista Xound from my college and installed it.


Although not included on my model, one such feature that stands out is the optional UPEK finger print reader that can be incorporated between the two lower mouse buttons. In terms of optical drives the D is very similar to the X1. Two sets of mouse buttons are also included for added convenience when using each respective device.

The docking process is simple. D40 with an ultraportable designers have to make compromises on fitting things where they can.

Compared to its predecessor the Dell Latitude X1, the D is a great upgrade that will be all ready to handle the demands of newer software and Windows Vista. I found the D to run hotter than I would like.

The mouse buttons themselves offer firm feedback and emit very little noise with no signs of clickiness. Pros Light-weight design starting at 3. What is an annoyance is the placement of the vent. Screen The D comes standard with a X420 again though, the fact that the fan rarely runs means that this issue is not as problematic as it could be.