I have tried to use this adapter http: I can see that my old hdd samsung Gb, from performed a bit better than yours to be more exact i got with that drive: Anonymous 20 February at I’m hoping there is a possibility of some way of using a major name SSD drive, as I’m a bit hesitant about Kingspec. Pedro Caldeira 27 April at Dell Laptop Repair Service Center. I have no means of testing the Kingston card at the moment.

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Anonymous 20 February at Basically a dumping place for my Lubuntu stuff. Is the SSD correctly aligned?

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IoanKo 30 September at Florian Raff 12 July at I will try a fresh installation of windows 7 also, but this time i will use a usb stick. I’ll report back when I’ve had a go. Thanks for your help! So I have the meager speed upgrades of an Msata but also another Msata to actually put stuff on.

The only other thing I can suggest is to check very carefully that the ZIF swan is actually going into the white connector and not under it – it is easy to put the cable between the connector and the PCB, rather than into the slot in the white connector.


Making the Net Work How to install an SSD in a Dell D laptop

Enter Your Dell Service Tag. That would be a nice touch!

You can see that there’s no room for a physically larger hard disk. Given that – and the likelihood that it is an Intel unit – have you tried Intel’s website for Win 7 drivers? On a related subject, I wanted to make my D running Windows 7 Pro more responsive.

Anonymous 5 August at From your photos it does look like you’ve put the cable in the right way round when you compare with my pictures. Thanks for your comment. Martin Davies 5 December at The SSD seems too volitile and there appears many had had problems I don’t want to risk loosing all my stuff at this point.

Martin Davies 7 January at Anonymous 3 November at I had d4330 using it for about a week without any issues when it all of a sudden went blank while working on it. Martin Davies 29 September at Just upgraded using the same msata zif card but with dfll different ssd. We are a trusted supplier to s of schools, government agencies, military and repair shops worldwide.


With half a Gig of memory running Windows SE that should be wild.

That, and upgrading the WiFi card turned the little D from a snoozer to a snappy little performer. Hello Martin Devies, I have performed all the steps but the disc is not visible in the bios. Where is my Dell service tag located?

Slave KK 25 November at I can’t help you directly here, but there d403 guides on the Internet on how you should optimise Windows installations to run best on the SSD. I’m hoping there is a possibility of some way of using a major name SSD drive, as I’m a bit hesitant about Kingspec.

D430 WWAN Card

Why do you need my Dell service tag? Thanks again Martin, Neil. I also have the docking sell at home, which has a DVI output. A local PC shop has suggested it is more likely to be a faulty adaptor than the Kingston card.