So, what can I do to fix this? The first way Not very smart, since it also change the behaviour of your generic mouse If you want to change the button mapping for all devices running in core mode, you should use xmodmap. I’m trying to study graphic design, so I really need this If you can make it the most explained possible, I am a bit new in Linux. If you tablet isn’t listed, I would love to recieve an email with the output, and the model of your tablet. That behaviour colud be compared to a touch screen, But what I want is somethin like a relative mode comparable to a touch pad: Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. How do I -disable- tablet control of the mouse?

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BB code is On. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. The tablet LED flashes if I touch it with the pen, but the coursor doesnt move and no clicks are recognized.

Example should disable the right click: The device will show up multiple times in “xinput list”, sometimes even under different names. Number Function 0 No action only movement 1 Left button click 2 Middle Button click 3 Right Button click 4 Scroll up one click equals one step of scroll wheel in my logitech mouse 5 Scroll down.


Configuring the buttons on the pen Special thanks to riesenpixel for writing the following part about the button-configuration! Sign up using Email and Password.

RPM resource wizardpen

If you experience problems with the buttons, use: Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. You can do this by moving the cursor in the terminal with arrow keys. Grnius details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

Cursor reveals if to move pen out and bring it back to tablet Clicking does weird things or the cursor jumps Mousepeen have problems not solved by the above troubleshooting Related articles Recent versions of Ubuntu Most tablets should be detected automatically in recent versions of Ubuntu. If the tablet is still not working, follow this instructions: Page History Login to edit. When the cursor goes to the top left corner it indicates the tablet is not on a X driver.

Run this command in a terminal and post the results. The driver is not properly installed 2.

TabletSetupWizardpenHardy – Community Help Wiki

Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Non-USB tablets are not covered by this guide.

If you choose to install a source package you can just extract it and skip to “Building and installing the driver”. Show the current configuration: The application is not properly configured, to accept pressure sensitivity. I hover the pen to move the cursor, touch to draw etc. I have problems not solved by the above troubleshooting Try one of these forums: First if you move the pen e.


Thanks for answering Favux. Application Support for pressure sensitivity Guide Krita Full support since 1. I have some experience programming, but only have two books on X so im not sure as if I could help writing an X driver for this if there is currently no one, where should I go?

June 15th, Type the following command in the terminal to know the make of the Pentablet. Configure, make and install: The time now is So either the driver isn’t working correctly or you do not have a wizardpen. June 15th, 9. Also, the output from calibrate will include a “Device” line that must be omittedand you need to add a “Name” line as in the examples below you can make up a name.

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