Click to view the information from Microsoft. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. The only bad part about the device it is a little too big and will block a neighboring USB port, if you are not willing to use the included USB extension cable. Then download the latest version of Wintv7 located in the support section of the website and reinstall note: Overall, this unit is more than worth the expense, and its strengths far outweigh any weaknesses in its software.

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Hauppauge Q product page. A recent hardware or software change might hauppauhe installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. WinTV remote control Remote control from your set top box Remote control from your set top box WinTV remote control Notes You can use a roof top antenna for best reception.

If the Hauppauge device has a yellow exclamation mark Click on the Hauppauge device to open it. Take a look after a few minutes if the drivers are installed automatically properly under Sound Video and Game Controllers. On the Confirm window please check the box for “Delete the driver software for this device” and click OK. You can currently record on one machine and watch on another, or on a tablet. The IR software should be installed by default.


After an application open the device the first time, the module will load the firmware. The time now is However, once you plug the device into all the ports you might use it on you will be fine. There are no extra software packages aka crapware that are included on the CD.

HDTV is, again, another matter entirely with regards to its storage requirements. Microsoft has released Windows Media Center patches for the “Low bit rate” error message.

[SOLVED] WinTV-HVRQ – Hauppauge

You can view your cable TV if you use your coax jack instead of the apartment. Some distributions already bundle the firmware in the 9500 repositories. IR Remote control version When running this kernel version, loading of the firmware takes very long, and prevents MythTV from working properly.

December 1, Release notes Backup download site. Many graphics cards have special built-in hardware to speed up decoding of high definition TV channels.

This will allow your graphics system to use hardware acceleration for video decode. I was only able to test recording i once, but the recording was not long enough to get an accurate measure of the bit rate as I was experiencing heavy signal interference at the time.

Click on Start and then Control Panel.



Installation notes for WinTV v8. Our drivers are signed. Once you make the change please restart your system. In device manager right click the Hauppauge product under Sound Video and Game Controllers with the exclamation mark and select Uninstall.

Hauppauge WinTV-HVRQ – LinuxTVWiki

Obviously, when one tries to plug two cords into one receptor, things could get a little messy and it will never work! Views Read View source Hauopauge history. It is simple enough to understand, and within about 30 seconds I was able to set up a timed recording. EXE from our support web site.

USB TV tuners

This can be caused by a corrupt Channel database so you will need to uninstall and reinstall. Setup on the device was extremely easy. There is a setting to allow it hauppaugf record in a muted mode, but the only problem with the pre-programmed functionality of this DVR software is that it does not shut down the application after it is done recording the allotted content.

High Definition TV was another matter entirely.