Quota file not on filesystem root. Failed to dealocate allocated cluster. Unable to perform snapshot handover until source is suspended. MMP startup interrupted, failing mount Device is already active on another node. Get size for mapping pairs failed for mft data attribute extent. More than file sections?!?

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SWB-B23 is already on by wifi [swbb23]: Invalid errors option argument or bug in options parser. First runlist element has invalid lcn, aborting. Card is write-protected [mmc]: Aborting and leaving inconsistent metadata. Found unknown compression method.

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KG DataStation maxi g. IAA with nothing to reclaim? Unable to allocate device. Read error in exception store: Failed to initialize upcase table. Invalid regulatory domain detected: Failed to release allocated cluster in error code path.

Remote address found on this node! Failed to find first attribute extent of mft data attribute. Failed to load attribute list attribute. Directory index is corrupt.


Marking the inode dirty again, so the VFS retries later. Failed to bind to: Reading index allocation data failed.


Failed to request io memory region. All sides of mirror have failed. Failed to allocate internal buffer. This is a BUG!!!

Failed to release allocated cluster s in error code path. Failed to dealocate clusters from the mft data attribute. Too small hop limit or routing loop in tunnel!

BCM should stay on because of wifi [bcm]: Failed to convert name to Unicode. Unable to interpret geometry settings. No task to wake, unknown frame received!

Failed to find last attribute extent of mft data attribute.

Matshita DVD/CD ROM Drvie no longer working after updating to Windows 8.1

Too small encapsulation limit or routing loop in tunnel! Run chkdsk and if no errors are found, please report you saw this message to linux-ntfs-dev lists.

BCM is powered off by bt [bcm]: